Streamline Your Salon Station With Collapsible Storage Bins

Have you ever gone into a salon where it looks like Chewbacca must have just gotten a cut there, and hair products, grooming tools, and general equipment are just strewn everywhere? No? Well consider yourself lucky, and if you have, I feel your pain. You don’t know whether to help the stylist de-clutter or bolt right out of there.

As with most things, you really make a lasting impression the first time, so if you’re a stylist or run a salon, this article is here to guide you through keeping your shop, tip top.

Managing & Maintaining

Whether you’re a newbie to operating your own place, a new stylist or even an established beautician, besides acquiring and keeping your clientele, there’s another cardinal salon rule…Aesthetics are everything. Not only are you being judged with your cut, color and general techniques, but if the place you work looks a mess, and unorganized your new client’s faith in your abilities may instantly wane. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your grooming org down pat:

  • Keep unnecessary items hidden – If you’re doing a cut but you have color tubes, rods, and rollers for perms, all over your workstation, get them to a safe dark space like a lidded bin, canister or rolling cart straight away.
  • Control the chaos – Salons can be understaffed at times, and then come in the surprise walk-ins, right in the middle of your present client’s multi-level treatment. If you have online check in, encourage walk-ins to use it in the future, so at least you can prepare for the incoming fresh-off-the-street traffic.
  • Invest in good organizational items – When your place of business looks inviting, people will marvel at the decor. Buy nice visual pieces like these collapsible storage bins, decorative varied-use shelves, rolling carts, and even seats or stools with hidden storage which match or compliment your main design theme.

Keeping It Real

Look, sometimes as a mover and shaker in the style world, you are just plain swamped. You can barely keep up with procedure after procedure, and streamlining time can get dicey. Try to keep it simple by having things near, but are neat and tidy, and have someplace you can toss all the used, needing to be cleaned items into without too much care. Later on, when you get some free time, you don’t need to hunt for things and you’ll appear like you have it all under control…even if you don’t.