Why Style Just Hair? Five Ways to Spice Up Your Styling Station

Everyone Judges Books By Their Covers

Despite the old saying, first appearances are important. People are less apt to go into a grocery store if there is a bunch of moldy produce out front, and if the water in a public pool looks murky people aren’t going to want to jump in. The same can be said for salons. Even if your salon is clean and well-maintained, people might get the wrong impression if it is styled the wrong way. Barber-style shops attract a particular sort of clientele, as do brightly-colored shops full of women stylists. This is why it is important not only to make a good first impression, but to create an atmosphere that is attractive to many different people. Below are five ways to spice up your salon and styling station that will make your spot the center of attention.

Make Your Look Match

It’s important to consider the surrounding stations. If you own your own salon, this might not apply to you. However, if you are renting a station it is important to be courteous to your neighbors and not cause any distractions from your décor. Additionally, your salon might not allow custom décor, so it is always good to check with the owner of the salon before modifying anything.

Pick a Color, any Color

A great place to start is to pick a color to accent your station. This could be through buying a set of colored styling tools, a brightly-colored broom, a mirror frame or even colored containers for your barbicide. While this color should say something about you, you should also consider your clientele. If you cater to an older crowd, you might not want to get the goth-styled scissors you’ve been craving.

Consider Vintage Chic

Vintage is in right now, and furnishing your spot with vintage baubles, aprons, and hair dryers. This can also save you an arm and a leg when it comes to furnishing. Just keep in mind that some things, such as razors and scissors, might not be up to snuff in the hygiene department, so choose wisely what you might buy secondhand.

Don’t Hide the Supplies

Supplies are bright and colorful, and can also be used to spice up your station! Leaving them out in a clutter is not recommended, but coming up with an inventive way to store them (like a hair-dye rainbow) can be quite attractive and fun. Still make sure they are stored properly, though, to avoid waste.

The Chair to Tie the Room Together

One of the best things about going to the salon is sitting in that chair! It needs to be the right combination of comfy, cozy, utilitarian, and stylish. Vintage chairs can be nice, but they aren’t for every salon. Even styling experts agree that the chair can make or break a salon experience. Anything else can make an hour-long sit seem like eternity.

Finding salon chairs for sale can be tricky, but it will be the most important part of your station purchase. Think it over, and finally — make sure you love it, too!